A video has surfaced online showing Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church’s leader Prophet David Owuor during his humble beginnings as a preacher.

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The video shows the self-proclaimed Prophet as a street preacher where he approaches Nakuru residents as they while time away at ‘Jobless corners’ and pours the gospel to them.

During those days, a cheaply dressed Owuor is heard castigating the gospel of prosperity.

In the undated video, Owuor is also being interviewed by a man said to be the director of Njoro-based Jesus is Lord radio.

He castigates other preachers for preaching about material well-being and said the church suffers from sexual sin.

In what captures the humility and lack of interest in material worth, Owuor hammers at other church leaders known to swim in money and show off.

However, the recent convoy of Prophet Dr David Owuor, full of top of the range cars such as Range Rover and Mercedes Benz is a departure from his early days that has shocked residents.

In a shock of the new Owuor, Ignitious Cheiyo said: “Prophet Owuor in 2004 condemning prosperity gospel; big cars, mansions, security.”

Why Owuor decided to undergo the distinct change is not clear.

Watch the videos here Prophet Owuor in 2004 and Prophet Owuor in 2018