Talia Oyando famously known as the ‘Night Nurse’ says that she has been exercising for five years and she is not stopping any time soon.

Speaking to Kalekye Mumo on Live & Uncut on Monday, Oyando revealed what contributed to her weight gain and why she started exercising. She also explained how she unknowingly added weight during pregnancy and after birth. 

The Radio and TV queen also narrated how her friends deceived her that her weight was okay, only to realize after doing a pregnancy photo shoot that she has added 28 kilograms.

After birth, Oyando says she had added 34 kilograms due to constant eating. 

“My mother-in-law would give me Uji… so I added weight…up to 94-96 Kgs. It was hard to go up the stars, I would breathe heavily,” she said in the interview shared on Facebook

According to the famous media personality, her journey to the gym and swimming sessions was triggered by the need to keep up with her son’s vibrant life.

She started exercising when her son was a year old. Since then, it has been five years of working out in the gym and swimming sessions.

“My son was all over the place crawling up and down and I had to chase him,” Oyando said.