The development of mobile technology has changed the life of humankind in different ways. 

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Today, social media is one of the platforms where you can find love. 

Millions of people are ever looking for love online. 

There are ways you can use this channel to make your love life even better. 

Here are three ways you can use Facebook to strengthen your relationship: 

1. Posting photos with him or her

Posting the photos of you and your partner can strengthen your love life. 

It shows that you do not have anything to hide from the public.

It is also an indicator that you treasure your loved one and you feel proud of him or her. 

Those people who never post photos of their loved ones have issues they do not want to disclose.

2. Status

Facebook allows you to declare your relationship status

You can tell the whole world that you are engaged to someone. 

If you are married and your relationship status show you are single, then there is something wrong somewhere.

3. Celebrating special days in his or her life

One of the best ways to celebrate your loved one is by posting a romantic message on his or her timeline on a special day. 

Tell him or her how much you are in love with them. 

Let your partner know that you truly value them in your life. 

However, you should not share everything on social media.