Kenyans living in the Rift Valley with roots from Mount Kenya region have no reason to worry over the re-emergence of violence during the 2022 general election, former Jubilee Party interim Vice Chairman David Murathe has said.

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Murathe noted that the government has put in place adequate measures to deal with potential violence in the region.

Speaking during a political debate hosted in Ruaka, Kiambu County, Murathe said no one should be blackmailed to support a certain candidate, adding that President Uhuru Kenyatta will not tolerate any loss of life or destruction of property.

"We cannot live in fear and we must shun those who want to sell fear to our people in Mt Kenya. We only die once but the government and the President have promised that there would be no more post-election violence," he said during the talk aired by Kameme TV.

Residents in the Rift Valley voted overwhelmingly for President Kenyatta in the last two elections and there have been speculations that the Kalenjin community expects Mt Kenya voters to support Deputy President William Ruto in his 2022 presidential bid.

This 'debt politics', political observers have warned, could spark off violence if one of the communities feels betrayed.

However, Murathe noted that the violence which occurred in 2007 become uncontrollable since the government had not anticipated it.

"In 2007, people were killed because we did not think they would behave in such a crude manner. This time, he have a working and alert government," the former Gatanga MP said.

Speaking on the same show, Kiambu County Assembly Speaker Stephen Ndichu asked Murathe to go slow on his anti-Ruto remarks, arguing that most Kikuyus living in Rift Valley were very uncomfortable with them.

"Our people living outside Central Kenya are wondering why are you against Ruto and he has been with us since 2013," Ndichu said.