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The weird sexual tradition that Gusii brides had to undergo on wedding night

Nyamu Wa Mwombe
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Gusii is a fertile land full of food and beautiful women. The land of Matoke is famous for producing voluptuous women that many admire to marry. 

However, do you know what used to happen during the wedding night, during the Gusii traditional wedding? 

One of the requirements of a Gusii bride before leaving her home to the groom’s homestead was resistance. She was to prove that she is not too willing to be married. After some begging and occasional struggle, she would then be taken to her man’s home.

This was where real drama happened. A special wedding night sexual performance was performed in the presence of some men. The ritual was aimed at proving that the man wasn’t impotent as well that the woman didn't have scars and other sexual deformities.

During this act, the woman was to test the man’s sexual abilities. She was allowed to use all means including magical powers to make him fail to perform optimally. 

On his part, the man was out to prove the man in him and was allowed to be intimate as long as he could even if the woman was injured in the process. If he discovered that the bride had a shortcoming, he had the right to request a dowry refund and send her back.

Elders stated that six was to be the common number of rounds witnessed in this ceremony; that was to be performed under the supervision of some young clansmen. 

There were cases of 12 but elders say this is a rare number in modern days. They also stated that the longer a woman resisted a man, the more she would be valued. This could take several days because falling for it easily was a sign of promiscuity but she would eventually be forced to do give in.

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