An elected Member of Parliament from Gusii region is in trouble over poor development in the constituency.

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South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro is accused of sleeping on his job leaving constituents to suffer. 

According to Tabaka ward MCA Daniel Apepo, the MP should wake up and serve the locals diligently. 

The Jubilee elected MCA regretted that constituents elected a failure who won't help in developing the constituency. 

"Other MPs are busy developing their respective constituencies while South Mugirango MP is sleeping on the job. Feeder roads are poor but, the MP is ongoing making cheap public relations in the constituency," he said.

Mr Apepo maintained that the electorates deserve better service delivery such as improved roads, proper health care and education. 

"I am appealing to the MP to ensure the cheap public relations he is making in the constituency taking photos and uploading them on social media won't help in boosting the livelihoods for our people. In his capacity as the MP he should be able to come up with development ideas to boost the lives of our people," noted the ward representative.