Living in an apartment or a neighbourhood with noisy people can really be irritating. You have been wondering how you can make your neighbour reduce the noise they are troubling you with? This is how to go about it.

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Let your neighbour know you're not comfortable with the noise being 

While doing this, make sure you are being humble and respectful. Ranting and yelling about it will not work. Personally, during my college period, I used to play too loud music even up to very late in the night. When a neighbour would complain and try to bully me into keeping quiet, I would double the noise. That was rude! Though as bad as it is, this is how neighbours are, so talk to them politely and it will be solved.

Try to come up with a compromise

This will require that you negotiate with your neighbour on better ways each of you can enjoy their lives without interrupting each other. It will be better if you come up with a common ground. For instance, loud music at night when you want to sleep is not pleasant, therefore, you can accept that they play the loud music during the day and then at night they lower the volume. Highlight to your neighbour the effects the too much noise is having on you.

Talking to your neighbour about this is the only way out. Therefore, while talking to your neighbour, categorically state the effects of the too much noise. State how you are being affected. Avoid confrontations or early attempts to go to the authorities. After you have explained how you are being affected, you will find the peace that you are looking for.