Controversial Human Rights activist Nazlin Umar reacted to a story linked to her claims that DP Ruto and Garissa Township MP are out to kill her. 

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In a Facebook post, the self-described Mother of the Nation, shared screenshots of a Hivisasa articles on her claims. 

Happy that she was trending thanks to the story, she confirmed the authenticity of the story and went on to say that God would stand with her. 

Nazlin Umar has subjected the DP and Duale to relentless criticism in her posts. 

Duale and DP Ruto have never publicly addressed or responded to her blistering criticism

Here is her post reacting to the story: 

"My assassination exposé trended at no.1 in Kenya, unknown to me. It was still on the trending list today. Alhamdulillah. Its out there, everywhere. "Former Presidential aspirant and human rights activist claims Ruto and Duale out to kill her..." God is always with the righteous. 

"However hard the journey may seem, we are never alone but embraced in our creator's' mighty arms. This is just the beginning of a very harsh and thorny journey that I am bracing myself for. Let the truth be known. Kama mbaya, mbaya. Wacha iumane.My blood won't go in vain, and will remain the peoples champion. Their icon for freedom.  #mamawataifa #ICONOFTRUTHI need to make time and break down my main post into tweets for Twitter and tag #DCI #DPP wajieleze kwa ummah."