Deputy President Wiliam Ruto has dismissed audit reports indicating that Kiambu county budgeted for functions that belong to the national government and South Sudan peaceful initiatives.

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In a video shared in a '45 million strong for William Ruto' Facebook group, Ruto sought to correct mistakes on a report shared by the Auditor General to the Senate Public Accounts Committee on Wednesday last week.

Ruto argued, in the video, that Waititu was the Governor of Kiambu and should not be queried on issues that do not concern him like budget spending on South Sudan peace initiatives, coordination of state house functions and retirement package for former presidents. 

"Let me correct what Babayao (Waititu) has said. Recently, the Senate queried him on issues of South Sudan, state house and retired presidents. Waititu is the governor of Kiambu. His county's budget does not contain such items," remarked the DP.

He advised the Senate committee to ask the national government for answers of the said queries.

Waititu was on Thursday cornered by senators when he could not explain the reason 2017/2018 Kiambu county budget had an appendage outlining spending for national government functions.

The governor had distanced himself from the budget, claiming that his political enemies were trying to fix him.

Watch Ruto speak on the controversial Kiambu budget here.