Some men really find it fun and fulfilling playing mind games on women.

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In the process, they end up toying with women’s feelings, sending them mixed signals and leaving them so confused. In most cases, men who play these mind games usually don’t want a serious relationship. 

Therefore ladies, if he’s does the following, just run for the hills.

1. Ghosting on women 

Men tend to ghost when they find you annoying, when you like him more than he does, when you're rude to his friends, when you cheat on them or when you're doing better than them and the like.

This can be really frustrating on ladies. It happens mostly when a guy hits on you, you play hard to get for a while before giving in and he disappears.

Before he disappears, he will be so into you, vibing through texts, calling you often and all of a sudden, he goes missing without any explanation. 

2. Giving one-word replies or giving you silent treatment

No woman likes being stone-walled. The silent treatment is the most damaging relationship problem as it makes the other person feel useless.

Women enjoy steady and consistent conversations with the guys they’re seeing. However, it reaches a point where these guys act up, either intentionally or not, and start replying in one-word answers or go quiet without saying a thing.

Once this happens to you as a lady, your head will start spinning wondering what the problem is or what you did wrong.

3. Comparing you to other people

This is the worst form of mind game you can ever play on a woman. Men who do this are simply trying to imply that other people are better than you and probably get you agitated in the long run.Guys, there are better ways to point out her shortcomings and faults.

According to, you need to stop comparing and start enriching your relationship.