Damaris Wambui Kamau, a woman from Bahati Nakuru who rejected President Uhuru Kenya's gift now claims that her life is in danger.

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Wambui made several headlines after rejecting a house which was gifted to her terming it 'a big joke'.

“This is a big joke. Look at this house. It has cracks on the outside and looks like a semi-permanent house while President Kenyatta in his wisdom meant well for us as a family,” Wambui said.

Wambui had been given the house after her son, Dennis Ngaruiya became famous for thrilling President Uhuru with a poem entitled “Our Father” during the Kenya Defence Forces celebrations at 3KR Barracks in Lanet, Nakuru back in October 2014.

But now she claims her life is in danger after learning that a group of unknown men has been trailing her and even stormed her mud house located in Lanet on Tuesday March 5.

“If it is because of a house that I should lose my life, I end my pursuit for it, yesterday a group of men who I don’t know drove to my place and forcefully demanded to see me. They directed their vehicles' headlamps to my house, maybe, in a bid to prevent me from seeing their faces. One of them ordered me to move to where he was. I sensed danger and fled the scene," she said.

She added: “They drove right behind me in a bid to see where I would go but I managed to hide in one of the houses. That was the point they realised they couldn’t reach me, forcing them to drive off." 

She said she has since filed a police report on the threats.

“As I am speaking to you, I am just from the police station, currently, I even fear to pick calls from new numbers because I do not know what could be the caller’s intention,” she said.

Wambui also said she has given up on the house.

"Rejecting the house has landed me in deep trouble. Though, I would like to clarify that I have since left my pursuit for that house. I have come to terms that it was given to another family, and there is nothing I can do to either repossess it, or get a new house built for me, I am just urging those who are after my life to know I have no issue, whatsoever, against them,” she said.