Mombasa and the larger Coastal region at large is adversely affected by poverty and drug addiction. Youth are the worst affected. 

We have to do something about these conditions. The following four factors are some of the solutions we can use to lift such youth from poverty and drug addiction.

1. Leadership

Leadership affects all spheres of life. Poor leadership is one of the main reasons the youth languish in poverty. As desperation sets in, they resort to drug addiction. The County government is responsible for putting in place programmes that educate youth about drug abuse. Mombasa County government should also make sure that no old man or woman is recycled at the expense of a young person when employment opportunities arise.

2. Religion

Religion controls most of our actions in society from how we mourn to how we celebrate. This important part of society has to play its role perfectly to save young persons. Religion has to teach about positive conformity, radicalisation and warn youth about social ills like prostitution and drug abuse.

3. Parenting

The family is the smallest unit in society but the most important one. Once the family fails, the society crumbles. This makes parenting a central concern when dealing with drug problems and poverty in Mombasa.

4. Personal effort

If your religion has not taught you good morals, the government is blind to your plea. You have yourself to change how you live. Youths in Mombasa and the Coast should stop complaining and demand what is rightfully theirs. They also have to seek legal means to economic freedom.