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Things you should never do after a breakup

Reuben Simiyu
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Over-analyzing the breakup will only destroy you. [source/The Tennessee Tribune]

Breakups are, regardless of the circumstances in which you broke up, painful and hard to just take in and move on. They may have been terrorizing you but the moment you decide to push the 'its over button,' you will realize that, indeed, there is something that has been taken away from you. It is never a walk in the park.

After the breakup, most individuals may revert to doing things that will help summarily suspend the feeling of hate and the despair of missing out. Some may take to drinking, others may choose to stay away from anyone for a certain period of time while others stress themselves too much to the very limits.

All these will only work against you. There is nothing you gain by stressing yourself over a missed chance to be with someone or a chance you chose to blow up. 

Here is what you should never do after a breakup.

1. Holding it in

If it is over, it is just over. There can never be any psycho-emotional way of bringing it back on track. Well, by holding it in and thinking it over for prolonged periods of time, you are just technically building castles in the air and mending this shadow relationship that does not even exist in the real world. Let go and breath fresh air. It is not easy letting go but holding it in too long only brings out the latent difficulties associated with breakups.

2. Assigning blame

if it was a bitter breakup, there may have been instances leading to the same. Whoever was in the wrong is not really important after you have parted ways. You could have been the one in the wrong or they could have been. In either case, blaming yourself or them is just a waste of your precious time. You need to stand up and move.

3. Analyzing the breakup

The only time you will need to do an analysis of your relationship is when you are in it. After it is over, your 'analysis' will never really help you arrive at anything. Keep things right when you can. Thinking of how it was and how it should possibly have been is never the way to go.


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