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My father led me into prostitution — Twilight girl reveals

Dennis Chacha
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Commercial sex workers. [Photo/Nation.]

Brenda Magaki (her real name)who hails from Kenyenya, Kisii County blames her father as the man who led her into prostitution in the year 2014 after he failed to pay her school fees.

“I dropped out of school in form 3 since my father used to chase me from home whenever I was sent home to collect school fees. I had no option rather than to stay with my friend who also dropped out of school and were operating as a commercial sex worker in Nyamache,” she said.

Magaki said at her friend’s house, several men used to visit them.

“I didn’t have anything to eat after I left home and my mother could not help me because she was interested in safeguarding her marriage after she broke up with her first man,” she noted. 

She said in 2015, she moved to her own house now in Kisii town’s Nyanchwa area.

“I moved from Nyamache to Nyanchwa area and rented a house where all kinds of men would visit me during the day and at night I will go to streets to have men sleep with me and pay me. I don’t regret being a commercial worker because through the job, I have been able to buy 2 acres of land,” she added.

Brenda said every night, she dresses in a miniskirts and goes to work at Star Lounge within Kisii town where she meets men ready for a 'good time'.

She charges at least Sh500 and makes between Sh2,000 weekdays and Sh5,000 during the weekends. 


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