Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka is a man on a mission.

Kalonzo has declared that he will be contesting for the nation’s top seat in 2022.

The Ukambani political kingpin believes that he has what it takes to ascend to power when that time comes. 

Kalonzo has been vocal on tribalism.

He has been calling on Kenyans to embrace each other for the sake of nation building.

Tribalism has been one of the major challenges facing this country over the years.

Kalonzo could be the man to end tribalism.

The Wiper leader is accredited for the role he played in the introduction of free primary education.

Millions of Kenyan children have benefited from free Primary education, which was introduced during the NARC regime.

The education sector stands to become better if Kalonzo ascends to power.

Kalonzo has maintained that he will not sit back and watch a section of leaders misuse public resources at the expense of common "mwananchi." 

The former Vice President used to attack the Jubilee administration for what he termed as poor leadership.

Kalonzo has, however, pledged to support President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto during their second term in power.

He has on several occasions lauded President Kenyatta on his fight against corruption since his re-election in 2017.