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3 questions to ask woman with 'Shanga' before s*x

Pythie Meja
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Waist beads are used for beautification in most African societies but others use them for other reasons [Source/]

Waist beads commonly known as 'Shanga' in Swahili are worn by women at the Coast of Mombasa for there value.

Women were required to put on the waist beads for a number of reasons ranging from decoration purposes to prevention from negative or black magic.

Women were also instructed to shun away from 'Mipango za kando' while wearing a waist bead that they wore as a pride prize for her husband.

However, most men visiting the city of Mombasa find themselves totally crazy when they hit on a woman wearing these special beads without finding out why she has the beads around the waist.

1. What is the use of these beads?

You need to ask the value she has for the beads. Praying to your God that she gives a genuine answer, you will be in a position to decide either to go ahead or abort the mission.

2. Are you married or single?

If she is married and wearing the beads, you will be forced to abort the mission considering such beads are for another man, who might have added other 'values' (juju) on them so that other men hitting on his woman are exposed and ashamed.

3. If she is willing to remove the beads before sex

Beads with black magic have some 'powers' that ensure a man making love with such a woman will never think of any other woman. If you have got other plans with her which are not related to marriage, think twice.

Beware beads are much valued at the Coast and a woman might be having weird reasons why she is putting them on. Always find out why before engaging in anything intimate.



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