Political analyst Ambrose Weda now says that opposition leader Raila Odinga will not complete his term as the new Special Envoy for Infrastructure in the African Union.

Raila was recently appointed to the position, several months after his truce with President Uhuru Kenyatta, and has since accepted the challenge.

However, in an interview on KBC English Service’s ‘The Big Conversation’ on Wednesday morning, Weda observed that Raila would with time resign from the new seat to return to local politics.

With the 2022 general election slightly over three years away, Weda added that the 4-time presidential candidate would once again take a shot at the seat, having to let go of his continental roles.

‘’As soon as the 2022 debate heats he will be out of AU. He will most likely be in the 2022 presidential race, and that he will do after resigning from his AU job,’’ said Weda.

Raila on Monday made it clear that he would henceforth shelve his involvement in the local political arena to concentrate on delivering in line with his new post.

According to Weda, however, this does not rule the former Premier out of Kenyan politics, but only mean that he will henceforth keep his silence as he awaits the right time.

‘’What he will not do is answer to attacks from the likes of Ruto and his critics but will take part in the main race,’’ he added.