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More reactions as Alfred Keter wins big

Veronicah Nanjilah
Alfred Keter addressing supporters.[Photo/Amenya]

After months of speculation about his political career, the Court of Appeal has granted Nandi Hills Member of Parliament Alfred Keter a much-needed breather.

The Court of Appeal overturned the ruling of a lower court that annulled Keter's August 8 re-election.

Kenyans have been reacting to the development.

Here is what the residents had to say about the court's ruling:

"Hopefully, it ends there and that there will be no further legal challenge to his re-election," Aboud Kali said.

"Enemies of the people of Nandi have been put to shame," Bakri Mohamed said.

"That was a fair ruling by the court. Now Keter can focus on working for his people," Salma Omar said.

"He humbled himself to get that ruling after trying to bite the finger that fed him," Buno Latif said.

"He should be careful about opening his mouth aimlessly. There are people who run things in this country," Karim Burale said.

The MP has said on various occasions that the legal challenges were part of a scheme to silence him.

He has been vocal about corruption.

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