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Meet Kisumu man who dropped from the air

Otini David
Kevin Washiali at a Kisumu revival crusade. [Photo/David Otini]

There was shock on Wednesday during a revival crusade at Migosi Estate in Kisumu after a resident witnessed a man drop from above.

The incident started when the pastor was praying for the congregants to deliver them from their difficulties. 

Suddenly, a young man suspected to have been possessed with demons caused an uproar after he violently started beating ushers and other congregants.

The ushers had a difficult time containing the violent boy who was running up and down in muddy water. However, after the boy identified as Kevin Washiali came to his senses, he narrated shocking experiences.

He said he was in Bungoma the day before, and could not explain how he found himself in Kisumu the following night.

“I have never been in Kisumu before. I don’t how and when I arrived here. I can’t even remember,” he said.

One of the congregants identified as Jane Aluoch claimed that she witnessed the boy drop from the air while she was standing behind the altar.

“I noticed something fall down with a bang. When I looked behind, it was a young man in a hood. I was so much terrified. He didn’t talk,” said Jane.

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