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How cheating couples are punished at Nairobi's Jerusalem Church

Benard Ramoka
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A man carries his wife on the back as Jerusalem self proclaimed prophetess Mary Akatsa watches. Worshipers who engage in extramarital affairs in these church. (Photo/

Cheating among married couples is not entertained and is severely punished at Nairobi’s Jerusalem Church of Christ located in Nairobi’s Kawangware 56 area.

The church does not condone married worshipers who engage in extramarital affairs.

According to Jerusalem Church of Christ self-proclaimed prophets Mary Akatsa aka Sinaida ‘Mummy’, extramarital affairs among married couples is the worst sin.

She says that her church does not condone extra-marital affairs and worshipers who engage in it are ex-communicated.

However the weird punishment cheating couples go through is carrying each other on the backs and walk around the nearby Gatina shopping center in Kawangware.

If a man cheats, he will be forced to carry his wife on the back and make several rounds in Kawangware and Gatina markets as onlookers ridicule him.

The case is similar if a woman cheats where she is forced to carry the man on the back.

“Cheating among couples should not be tolerated because it goes against the vows they make before God when they are marrying,” she says.

Jerusalem Church is known for its tough rules and worshipers who fail to tore the line are chase away.

For instance at this church, worshipers who come late to church are whipped or chased away.

“Believers must learn to keep time, in the Bible Jesus Christ’s was always on time, “the preacher says.

Worshipers at this church don’t tithe as the preacher claims that tithing has been commercialized by greedy men and women of God.

Believers at this church also don’t enjoy the comfort of chairs as they sit on the floor during church services.

The Jerusalem church was in the headlines in 1988 after it was reported that  'Jesus Christ'  was spotted standing close to the church preacher (Mummy).

However it later emerged that the man that resembled Jesus was not  Him but an Asian missionary who was on a worldwide tour and had visited the church.


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