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Here is the amazing lifestyle of Molo town people

Tim Nyabande
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Molo residents go about their activities at Posta area. [Photo/Stephen Kirundi]

Molo town is a small dusty town in Nakuru County. The town is so congested that people prefer borrowing salt from the next door neighbor rather than run to the shop as that would eat all the time.

But maybe the town is just tiny and not congested, maybe! Like a baby, the town is slowly crawling from the ashes of post-election violence.

It is a town that has made headlines world over due to the deadly tribal skirmishes after the main communities in the area, Kikuyus and Kalenjins, clashed every electioneering period.

But tribal animosity is now a dead story in the region after the two communities teamed and danced to send President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto to state house two times in a row.

Molo, or Moro as many call it, is one town with a rich history, rich culture, and even rich people. 

Everything here is green. Yeah, so chances are you will be served a green meal if you happen to pop in into any homestead. That is, you will either be served ugali sukuma or Mukimo.

Guys here are loving, industrious, and passionate of what they do. It is the only place you will get a standard eight pupil with two acres of potatoes somewhere in Kuresoi, Ndenderu or Muchorwi.

It’s amazing; everything here leaves you in chuckles. From the funny places like Tembea na Yesu, Kanyoni, Casino, Jitegemee, Motoo, Munjuu and the likes.

If you want to marry a girl from here, you must first ensure you have something to do with farm stuff; half an acre of potatoes about to mature, one acre of cabbages to harvest soon or just some maize somewhere to be harvested end of the year.

Girls here don’t trust other riches like a computers’ business, car dealers or anything urbane. These are the true wives. They would not waste the value of potatoes by slashing them to make chips. Potatoes or waru, as we call it here, is purely for Mukimo or kitoweo.

Life here is simple. We don’t complicate stuff in a battle to look cool. In fact, we love a Mulika Mwizi (Nokia 1200) to death, you can go to hell with your touch screen whatever! Don't even talk about an iPhone, the only i we know is the eye! 

Everyone here goes to the village primary school neighboring their homestead’s perimeter fence.

When we finish primary, we either go to 220 (Molo secondary), Njenga or just venture into farming. And we have no apologies to make!

For older guys, maybe they did Township or Mugumo. But any serious Molo guy must belong to either 220 or Njenga … true guys?

This town is for industrious people. If you are the lazy maggot, it’s a no here!


This story was first published on this platform in 2016. 

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-Tim Nyabande

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