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Evil spirits 'defile' girls in Kathiani

Ndeto Jaythree
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A shocked girl. [Photo/Nation]

While doing rounds collecting news on Wednesday, I came to realize that there is a serious problem affecting Ngoleni residents in Kathiani, Machakos County.

Ngoleni area is popularly known for the infamous Ngoleni Boys' Band of Dick Mulwa, but this time round it's on the spot for the wrong reasons.

It has been revealed that most people in the area have acquired evil spirits [Maimú] and are now using them to harass residents for their own gains.

Such "Maimú" and witchcraft incidences in the area are said to be very high with the latest being an incident where a girl by the name Mwende [not her real name] is being raped and molested by the evil spirits which are claimed to be owned by a certain rich man in the area.

I talked with Mwende who was stressed and in pain since these "jinis" she claimed are large in numbers.

"Hizi vitu zikona kitu Kubwa sana na zinaniumiza [These things (jinis) have a big thing and they are hurting me]," Mwende said while in tears.

She said her family members among other residents were afraid to question or report the owner to authorities since they fear being harassed by the spirits.

"Mwende one day came to Ngoleni market and started bleeding profusely in her private parts. Female traders in the market helped her. They cleaned her but when taken to the hospital, doctors said she was OK," said Carol, one of the witnesses who saw Mwende bleeding. 

"The owner of the evil spirits is said to be admitted in hospital and he's weak and if he dies before pulling out the 'jinis' from Mwende will suffer for the rest of her life," Carol added.

Most youths in the area are afraid since they say when one starts doing well such as getting a good job, performing well in the exams or just building a good house, the chances of being bewitched or 'jinis' cast on them are high.

The incidences are becoming very common in the area.

Not only Mwende but many girls have been 'raped' by these bad spirits. 

Boys and girls have been bewitched also.

"I have seen my friends go mad or get confused on what to do next in life because of witchcraft or evils spirits. [Maimú]," said Mulatya, a 26-year-old youth in Ngoleni.

"I urged the residents to report such incidences to the police to get assistance," Mulatya added.


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-Ndeto Jaythree

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