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Revealed: Willy Paul once worked as a house boy

Cornel Wawire
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Willy Paul is among many Kenyan celebs who worked their way into richness. 

According to the Njiwa hit maker, he believes it’s all possible to move from nothing to something. 

In a previous post, Willy Pozze has revealed how he once worked as a house boy, cleaning and washing for people. 

He narrates how a man (not mentioned) once lied to him that he would raise and help him. 

The man took him just after his father passed away.

He had to separate with his mother having nowhere to go. 

It was then that this man promised to take care of him. However, things didn’t go as expected.

“Nilishawai teseka, nilishateswa sana. Niligeuzwa house boy,” he said.

“When my dad died, we buried him and came back to Nairobi. My mother and I didn’t have a place to go. We separated and everyone went their own way,” he added.

“I met a man who said he was going to help me. A lot happened,” he continued.

Unfortunately, the man used him to make money by washing and cleaning for other people. 

“From nothing to something, from being a house boy to being an international star.. God is good and real!! I suffered a lot in the hands of man!! Let God be God #njiwa @officialnandy,” he wrote.


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