Mombasa residents like other Kenyans joined the whole world in celebrating their mothers during Mother's Day on Sunday, May 12.

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Some bought flowers among other valuable gifts to their mothers. Others just posted on social media a word of praise, to explain how amazing their mothers are.

Different social media platforms recorded different posts to mark the celebrations.

Mother's Day being on a Sunday, churches were also not left out on this important occasion of the year. Mothers received thanks and prayers in their churches.

However, the case was different in one of the protestant churches in Kongowea, Nyali constituency in Mombasa.

What started as a cool Sunday, ended up with some single mothers exiting the church in the middle of the service after clashing with their pastor.

It all started when the pastor (name withheld) called upon all mothers to step forward together with their husbands. As you can see, the calling singled out all single mothers present in the church.

He then asked the husbands to hug their wives and thank them for being nice mothers for their children before he proceeded to pray for the couples.

While single mothers waited for their chance to receive prayers from their pastor for they were like any other mother, their expectations hit the wall.

Furious and agitated, one of the single mothers from the congregation rose up and questioned why the pastor had decided to sideline them from the rest of the mothers.

She then asked all single mothers to meet outside the church and have their own prayers.

Surprisingly, a number of women left the church. They held a prayer outside the church before they departed from the church's compound.