Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has finally come out to defend his mastery of the Queen's language. The county boss has rubbished allegations that he can barely express himself in English.

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In a video posted in the governor's official Facebook page, Waititu dismissed the claims in a speech he delivered in English, attracting wild cheers from the crowd.

“Mimi ni baba yao. Most of you might have heard so many stories about me, some of them indicating that I cannot even express myself in English,” the governor said in the video.

“I want to promise our people of Kiambu county that I will perform and try to at least make sure that even if I don’t achieve 100 per cent, that I deliver 80 per cent of the promises I made. I want to be truthful, I have always been truthful and real. I have always faced all my challenges squarely,” added the county boss.

Governor Waititu has in the past been a victim of viral jokes and memes on social media. Many jokes written in broken English have been spreading with credit given to Waititu.

However, most of them are just but a creation of netizens out to make fun of the governor's mastery of English.