Finding a good man is every man’s dream. There are different things that determine a good man. Besides a man’s bedroom prowess, you need someone with the ability to bring happiness into your family. 

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Some men are not easy to date because they are too complicated in one way or another. Men with these 3 special qualities are not easy to find.

1.  Men who know how to cook

 It feels great when a man cooks for his wife. A man will not doubt sweep a woman off her feet if he can prepare meals for her. Cooking makes a man special in a woman’s life. No woman can take such a man for granted.

2. Men who provide for their women

 There are millions of women looking for men who can provide for them. Most men fear certain responsibilities. If you find a man who is ready to make all kinds of sacrifices just to put a smile on your face, then never underestimate him. 

3. Men who respect women

Respect plays a very important role in a relationship. Both men and women deserve to be respected when they are dating. Never ignore a man who respects you all the time. Through respect, a woman will feel special and loved all the time.