There are only 25 days remaining to say goodbye to the year 2018 and welcome 2019.

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It is without a doubt that many things happened in the socio-political, economic scenes just to name but a few. 

However, let's focus on the Kikuyu secular music scene. To be specific, let's have a look at the music that topped the Kikuyu music chart in 2018 going by its popularity and airplay especially on entertainment joints, Kikuyu media platforms among others.

Here are the top 5 Kikuyu hits of 2018. There could be many others you can come up with but you will also agree that the following five hits also did exemplary well.

1. Wanjiru Kihii

The popular song is by the upcoming Kikuyu secular artist Eddie Gathenge. The song that tells a story of a wayward daughter and sister who drops out of college to venture into prostitution, was released in November 2017 but gained traction throughout 2018.

It continues to receive massive airplay on Kikuyu radio and TV stations as well as across many entertainment joints scattered all over Central Kenya and beyond.

2. Hatuna Deni, Kitaeleweka

The political hit song released earlier this year is by the controversial singer Kimani Wa Turacco. The song which gained traction beyond the Kikuyu audience ignited a lengthy national debate giving the artist unmeasured popularity.

It basically tells DP William Ruto to forget about Mt Kenya support in his maiden presidential bid come 2022 as they owe him nothing.

3. Tuirio Twega

The song was released in April 2018 and is by Jose Gatutura of the 'Thie ukiumaga' fame, another song that gave him unrivalled popularity in 2014. 'Tuirio Twega' (Good Food) analogically talks about a sweet woman that is the desire of every man.

'Tuirio twega' phrase today dominates day-to-day Kikuyu informal conversations.

4. Riari Itheru

Though the song was released in February 2017, it continued to dominate the Kikuyu secular music chart of 2018. It is still by another sprouting Kikuyu secular music artist who goes by the stage name, Samidoh. The song tells of challenges a poor man faces while trying to maintain a high-end, 'expensive' woman.

5. Kiura Ruuga

The song that simply advises couples to leave abusive marital relationships before it is too late is hardly a month old but it is already enjoying a massive airplay on many platforms. The song will undoubtedly continue to tick even in the year 2019. The song is by saved Kikuyu secular music Gachathi Wa Thuo.