Moi: The Making of an African Statesman, a biography by Andrew Morton is one book that gives Kenyans a glimpse of the kind of government founding president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was running.

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The book also lays bare the humiliation retired President Daniel Moi had to undergo during the sunset years of Mzee Kenyatta when he served as his deputy.

According to Morton, Kenyatta had turned government meeting into Gatundu-like village meetings where vernacular was the order of the day.

The writer says at one point, a cabinet meeting was held in Kikuyu which left Moi – a Kalenjin – in the dark.

These were some of the hurdles that Mzee Moi had to go through before becoming the country’s powerful man.

Deputy President William Ruto should take lessons in Moi’s hard times as he hopes to take over from Mzee Kenyatta’s son, Uhuru Kenyatta.

The perseverance and humility shown by Moi should be emulated by Ruto.

Interestingly, the script seems similar as the man ‘under siege’ is a Kalenjin just like in 1970 and the boss is also a Kenyatta.

Just like we had the old Kihika Kimani leading the anti-Moi movement, today we have old Maina Kamanda leading the anti-Ruto camp.

To overcome these hurdles, Ruto must behave as Moi did.