Police are hunting for 30 year old man Davis Orora who has been accused of killing his father 65 years old in Kerera village, Keumbu Division, Nyaribari Chache, Kisii County.

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According to the deceased's brother Mr. Ben Marube, the son who traveled from Nairobi yesterday where he works attacked his father's house at around 6 am on Friday with stones breaking windows and doors for reason which has not been clearly identified.

Charles Mogaka the deceased moved out after hearing stones hurled at his house to find out what was going on, a moment that the alleged son attacked him and run away after killing him on the spot.

Charles adds that the deceased has  been ill for a while for he was paralyzed on one part of his body.

"The son started breaking windows and doors. When my brother who has been unwell moved out to see who was breaking the windows, the son attacked him and killed him. He ran away," said Ben Marube.

Area senior Assistant Chief Isaac Naftal condemned the brutal inhuman horror act and asked the residents to calm down as the police keep hunting for the suspect.

"This is a very sad situation. We arrived at the scene and removed the body with the police. We ask residents to be calm because now the case is on the hands of the police. I condemn this act in the strongest terms possible," said Isaac.