In dating, a lot of chemistry and dynamics are involved. Succesful dating involves a lot more entities than just love. While it is true that there should be love, strong love and bonding, the love is quintessentially pampered to flourish. Height is one of those factors or entities in a relationship that will be determinant, in some way, to how happy you turn out and how well your relationship flourishes. Why, really, is height important in a relationship?

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Here is why height is an important factor in successful dating.

1. Taking photos together

Taking photos together does not have to be effective but it really has to be comfortable. If one of you is too short and the other too tall, there will always be a problem posing and taking the best close up photos. In a standing position, the picture may just have to be taken from considerable several yards away. This may prevent you from capturing the best moments together. The height gap and difference really matters when it comes to capturing and storing your moments together. Although you may choose not to, it will be a limiting factor for those who wish to.

2. Conversations

If there is a huge difference in the height with your partner, it will be problematic when you have conversations while walking. In this case, you may have to bend too low or vice versa to hear what they are saying. If the place is noisy, you may not really talk until you reach the place where you can seat or is relatively quiet.

3. Cuddling or hugging

How well you cuddle or hug will be dependent on your height. If you have essentially the same height, it will be nice and lovely. The opposite will be true if you have a very big difference in your height. Hugging while standing will seem so awkward.

4. Moments that require concentration

In moments where you have to concentrate and have very less bodily movements, you may not be able to even whisper to your partner because they are way too tall or just too short and you can't bend that low to make a point to them.

5. When making love 

When making love whether in bed or when standing or out in the open, it is easier when you are of the same height.