There is nothing as sweet as falling in love and allowing someone new into your life. 

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When starting a relationship, this is still a period where partners are trying to adapt to the reality of the situation and also learn more about each other. 

However, there are things that every woman should avoid doing at the beginning of a relationship. 

1. Don’t be pushy

In the start of a relationship, allowing your partner to have peace of mind is very important. 

Being pushy at this stage might make him rethink dating you. If you become too pushy, he might just decide to walk out of the relationship.

2. Don’t push him away

After starting a relationship with a guy, playing hard to get is usually a bad idea. 

You should stop playing hard to get the moment you have accepted to be with him. 

Show interest in him and actively participate in the relationship.

3. Don’t forget about your life

It is unfortunate that most women forget who they are when they enter into a relationship. 

One thing that every woman should never do is forget who they are and stop enjoying their lives just because they are dating someone.