An ODM politician based in Kisii County has condemned MPs for their selfish, greedy plans to hike their monthly salaries and allowances. 

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 Samuel Omwando, a former MP contestant in Kitutu Chache South claimed that MPs must put the interests of the people first. 

"It is so worrying that MPs are pushing for salary hike instead of pushing for development. I am condemning the MPs' plans and urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga not to allow the MPs hike salaries," he noted.

The vocal politician reiterated that the country has no money to pay MPs.

He urged Kenyans irrespective of their political affiliations to stand firm and ensure MPs doesn't hike salaries. 

"We want to see development across the country and not MPs to raise their salaries. It is time Kenyans should speak in one voice to bring down the selfish MPs' ill plans," said the 2022 MP hopeful. 

Omwando dismissed claims that politicians who lost during the last year's polls should keep off the affairs of those who won the elections. 

He added that come 2022 he will clinch the MP seat in Kitutu Chache South.