A lady who sought anonymity has opened up about her past life. A life she is regretting living. She had sex with her father and she believes it the cause of her woes. 

Here is her story:

I started having weird imaginations towards my father after form four but I had to control myself. All the times I could see him, my whole body would freeze. While in college, I could still fantasize on how it could feel touching his broad chest.

When I realized I cannot control myself further, I tried my luck when my mother was not around.  I dressed skimpy, making sure I got his attention.

He fell to my trap and I started having sex with him secretly. I envied my mother. I felt like her presence barred me from having a nice time all the time.

One day my father attended an evangelism crusade that was held in Kisii at Daraja Mbili and repented his sins, promised not to go back to 'Egypt'. 

I had to move out and stay alone since I had a job and I would not face him now that he never wanted me close to him. After settling down, all hell broke loose as I would not control myself. 

I have slept with my boss, lawyer, watchman and a number of young men. I hate what I turned into. 

At times I feel its a curse from God for having sex with my father. I cannot get married because I cannot maintain a marriage. Above all, I hate myself for having sex with my father. It hurts me when I remember what I used to do. I guess, it is the cause of my woes.