A 35-year-old man has gone into hiding after beating his 4-month-pregnant wife who allegedly denied him sex.

The incident happened on Monday evening at Ikonge in Nyamira County.

While confirming the incident, area chief Fred Obae said the suspect, Julius Mwabora, returned home drunk when he found his wife Eunice Nyaboke having a chat with their neighbour. 

"Mwabora asked Nyaboke to join him in bedroom at 3pm when he returned home from drinking den. His tired wife didn't join him prompting the man to get out armed with a walking stick and attacked her on grounds that she was rude at him," said the chief. 

Obae said efforts by the neighbor who the victim was having a chat with to stop the suspect from beating his wife were in vain. 

"A neighbour raised alarm to attract passersby who arrived the homestead to rescue the victim. The suspect escaped into a nearby bushy tea farm wearing only a vest and a short," said the chief. 

The administrator said locals chased the suspect in vain. 

He assured that the search for the man has began to ensure he is apprehended while the victim was taken to a local hospital for treatement.