Education is the key to success is a common phrase used frequently by many young aspiring elites. 

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In other words, they believe that with education, one is entitled to a good job, a better salary and perhaps a healthy and good family life for the lucky few. 

Ironically the many jobless graduates in the streets had such similar dreams. I am not opposed to the fact that we should fight illiteracy in our society, the question that we should ask one another is whether we are achieving the intended goals.

At some point, I can blame education as the major cause of unemployment in our society. 

A graduate today cannot hawk on the streets, instead, they will spend over 15 years looking for a white-collar job not knowing they can use the same duration to create a job for themselves and other graduates. 

I remember when I was a kid, jumping from one desk to another shouting at the top of my voice, “when I grow up, I want to be a doctor, pilot, lawyer.”

10years later, am nowhere closer to these ambitions, or let’s say am still growing up. 

I think the first education we should give our kid is that success is not all about being rich, having a beautiful wife if not wives. 

It should be about achieving the simple goal that you set, moving a step higher than you were yesterday. 

Not everybody who works hard becomes successful, on the other side, every successful person outside there must have worked hard. 

Most importantly, education will be of no importance if pens are still regarded as fidgeting toys rather than a weapon for fighting change in society. 

Let’s not brag in the streets with our degree certificates yet we are jobless. Use the little skill you have to earn a living.