It hurts when someone betrays you. It is even more painful when you dearly love that person. 

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Some small acts amount to cheating.

Each partner must act in a way that shows he or she cares about the better half. 

If bae betrays you in these five ways, he’s more likely to cheat:

1. Lies about money

Transparency is crucial in every relationship. 

A good partner never lies about money. 

Endless lies about money could lead to a sad ending. 

Never ignore when your partner is not saying the truth about money matters.

2. Still talks with the ex

Does he still talk with the ex? 

There are chances that they might reunite. 

Your partner needs to cut communication with the ex for the sake of your love. 

Exes ruin many relationships.

3. Hides his phone from you

A man who hides his phone has trust issues. 

It is hard to believe anything from such a man. 

Never waste time dating such a man. 

A serial cheater will never allow you to touch his phone. 

4. Never wants to walk with you

Why doesn’t he want to walk with you? 

Well, it is clear there is something he doesn’t want you to know. 

He might be playing games and isn’t ready to spill the beans

5. Gets easily jealous

Jealousy is a sign of cheating. 

When your partner easily becomes jealous all the time, he is likely to consider seeing someone else outside your marriage. 

Never ignore these small signs in your relationship if you want to keep the love stronger.