In a boyish banter, we asked each other the kind of wives we would prefer – housewife or a working wife. 

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The four of us unanimously settled on a working wife or one that at least contributes to the family income. And these were the reasons;


An educated man should marry at least close to his academic level. Education exposes a man to other cultures, thus widening his scope of thinking. The girls have also not been left behind. They have acquired degrees, and it would be unfair to confine to wifely duties only. 

Economic challenges 

If the two of you are contributing to the family’s upkeep, then it would save the man the burden of raising the family alone. Even in a small way, a wife’s financial contribution goes a long way. The contribution can even be the fact that the wife takes care of her beauty needs. 


It was a general consensus that a working woman improved the esteem of the man among his peers. Generally, working women take good care of themselves, because they have to get out of the house every day. A housewife may tend to slacken a bit.

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