Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo now says that his successor Ferdinand Waititu should have fought to clear his name immediately he realized he was in a fix.

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This comes only days following revelations about bizarre allocations in the county's 2017/2018 budget that were made when Waititu appeared before the Senate on Thursday last week.

Kabogo now says that if the report was wrong as the governor has insisted, he should have seized the moment and disowned it and produced the right information.

"I heard them say its a template they used in the Senate and that was the best place to clear himself. He would have stopped the hearing and tell them this is not our budget," said Kabogo.

He spoke during an interview on Citizen TV's NewsNight, Tuesday.

Kabogo is now challenging the Waititu to explain the whereabouts of the Sh2.5 billion that was allocated for bizarre functions, including upkeep of former presidents.

He said that having disowned the budget, Waititu should explain where the money went, since his denials demonstrate that it was not used for the functions stated in the budget.

"The issue here is not the budget, a budget is a plan, what's important is what did they do with the 2.5 billion," he added.

An audit on the budget disclosed that allocations were also made for the ongoing peace talks in South Sudan and free primary education.