After a breakup, it is unfortunate that some women are unable to move on and start stalking their ex-boyfriends.

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The idea of trying to get back with ex-boyfriends might have been triggered by a lot of things.

Here are some of the things as to why women keep going back to their ex-boyfriends;

1. You believe you made a mistake

After saying goodbye, loneliness can make you start to think otherwise on whether you made the wrong call. You had a reason for quitting the relationship and therefore you have done nothing to regret on the decision made. On the other hand, you will now be making a mistake when you decide to get back with your ex-boyfriend.

2. It’s not fair that he’s happy

It hurts a lot seeing our ex-boyfriends happier than we are. As a result, this might trigger a woman to get back with him so that he can make his life worse. 

However, before going ahead to making his life worse, you should ask yourself what is it that he is doing that makes him happy? That way, you will come to note that you need to spend more time with yourself in order for you to be happy.

3. No one else can have him

After noticing that your ex-boyfriend has moved on so quickly with another girl, this might make you jealous and feel like destroying that relationship hence, one ends up trying getting back with her ex-boyfriend.