The county government of Kisii is yet to launch an intense crackdown on illicit sex trade for moral sanitation.

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Such is the laxity that only Sh. 30 can end a randy man's prolonged lack of sex. 

A few metres behind the newly renovated Kisii stadium, from the town centre, is a congested street with alarming sexual promiscuity.

With single rooms rented to tens of sex workers, stray men often visit to literally 'cool off'.

According to Vane Kerubo (not her real name), a sex worker, she often hosts nearly ten men a day with her most clients being Boda boda riders.

"Its a lucrative yet uncertain game that eventually pays. Men often storm this place seeking hookups with a big number being married men and Boda boda riders. 

"It's risky but you know I have got many things to do with money. And nobody will take care of me if I leave for home," said a bold Vane.

With some, they still regret why they stooped so low into soiling their humane code of conduct.

"There are those days I feel like walking home to meet my son and let it go. Most days I feel like crushing down on my knees and cry out to my God for forgiveness. I am yet to win the internal battles in my mind.

"We had envisioned a future with him but he cut it short. He could mistreat me and take my love for granted. A man who twisted my heartstrings with love started cheating on me with several women. I resorted into this place to collect every piece of the broken me. But I now feel so void and more broken," said Mercy, with tears blanketing her eyes.

Asked why she opted for such a risky venture and if the Sh 30 could make any better her life, she said: 

"Men come here to just get as much cheap pleasure from our bodies as possible. I regret being objectified. That's the cost everybody charges and those who hike it are thrown out of this place. So we are used to it."