A man from Homa Bay County has come up with an initiative to solve the issue of perennial water shortage in some parts of the county.

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Johnson Oduru who hails from Kalamindi village in Ndhiwa has kicked off an initiative to dig water pans and boreholes to service the needs of the suffering locals.

So far, he has done 10 such projects in Kanyamwa Kosewe, Kwabwai and Kanyadoto wards.

The eleventh project is coming up in Kakelo, Kanyadoto ward, with the work also including repairing the Rangata and Kiasa boreholes.

The latter who is using his own excavators for the job says that he has taken it upon himself to save the people from the problems they normally face during drought.

“I am taking the project as a personal initiative to reduce problems residents undergo due to water shortage in this constituency,” he told the Tuesday Standard.

He said that the plan is to ensure that the residents have enough water year round since the pans hardly dry up after the rainy season.

His next projects include digging more pans in North Kabuoch and Kanyikela which he intends to complete before the end of the year.