Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has declared support for Deputy President William Ruto's proposal on the reconfiguration of the government to comprise the national executive and the official opposition.

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In a Facebook post on Friday, the vocal MP said the DP's proposal to have the losing presidential candidates become MPs was in line with his proposal to the Building Bridges Initiative.

"I have further followed the Deputy President's proposal to have the best losing presidential candidate and running mate enter parliament and take up roles of leader and deputy leader of the opposition. This is in line with my similar proposal to the Building Bridges Initiative. I fully support," read Kuria's post in part.

He, however, opposed the DP's proposal to have the deputy president become the leader of government business in parliament instead of creating the prime minister position.

Kuria argued that the creation of the prime minister post and two deputies would ensure efficiency in government and bring about a sense of inclusivity in the country's top leadership.

"The deputy president proposed that the incoming deputy president becomes leader of government business in the House. What he is saying is that he does not want a prime minister because the DP will also be the leader of government business in the House. The trouble is this structure still puts two people on the top of running government and all others spending all their energies fighting two people. I beg to oppose. The President needs help from the prime minister and his two deputies to run an efficient government," said Kuria.

He further urged Ruto to support his proposal of having a Super five ticket where each party will name its president, deputy president, prime minister, first prime minister and second deputy prime minister on the ballot paper.

"Since not more than one of the five positions can go to the same community, presidential candidates from both the government and the opposition will make maximum efforts to build an efficient but broad coalition as is humanly possible. Hii kitu hakuna mtu ataikula peke yake tena. Hiyo imepitwa na wakati (No single person will benefit at the expense of Kenyans. Those days are long gone)," he added.