Kibera's most followed female artiste Akothee will never stop creating drama in her life. 

On Wednesday October 7, she photoshopped one of her pictures while at Malindi beach, which she captioned,

“Omooo dreams are valid, call all those who laughed at my flat arse, call your area chief, I catch all of you, the ASS gruuuuuuu @malindidreamgarden, wait till we arrive in your room and meet some bone shit.”

Akothee who branded herself as the president of single mothers and also the Madam Boss has never been afraid to express herself or post anything. 

On many occasions, she has found herself in hot soup after posting “things” internet lovers consider not worth to be on social media. However, she has never stopped and she tells anyone who gets irritated with her posts to unfollow her. 

The controversial musician cum business lady attracted a stream of reactions on her funny photo.

Here are some of the reactions from residents:

"Cheesus I would rather stick to the flat ass," said Dan Mmwangihuhh.

"Nakupenda tu Aki yaoooma_izo brayden matako sidika," said Kubai Mo.

"Hapa ndo ujinga imekufikisha @akotheekenya," said Evance Bee.

"Mwaka huu it's taking it by force by fire usiachwe nyuma rafiki yangu, said Mwende Macharia

"Madamboss what happened?" said Macrine Johnson.