A selfish partner is one who cares about himself or herself more than you. Dating a selfish partner can be one of the most daunting tasks for anyone. You will have to go an extra mile to realise happiness in such a relationship. Here are four ways to deal with a selfish partner.

1. Do not give him or her too much attention

Are you giving him or her too much attention? Well, it is time you started giving yourself the attention. It is high time you forgot about making things work and lived your life. Both partners should invest in the relationship for it to work.

2. Open up

Communication is very important in a relationship. Make sure you communicate with your spouse about the challenges you are facing in the relationship. Speaking out will enable your partner to realise where they went wrong in life. Selfish partners can hurt us in different ways if we do not open up in time.

3. Embrace turn-taking

 Turn-taking can be one of the most effective ways of dealing with different issues in a relationship. If your partner is selfish then turn-taking can save the day.  Give each other turns to speak, listen and act upon your plans. Make your partner understand how you feel or how their actions are affecting you.

4. Find out what you can deal with

There are a number of things that a selfish relationship encompasses. Establish some of the things you can deal with. Once you have figured out these things, then you can work towards attaining your goals in the relationship. Dealing with the character of the selfish partner can be a good idea.