When planning for a date, it is not automatic that things will go as planned.

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In some circumstances, the unexpected can happen and one needs to be always ready for such situations.

Some of the few things that might happen unexpectedly include; your date failing to show up, not finding a dinner table as planned or even spending more than expected.

When any of the above happens, how you handle yourself will matter a lot.

Here are some of the things you can do when your date goes sideways.

1. Go to a nearby restaurant

In case you fail to get reservations at your favourite restaurant, finding a nearby hotel can be the best thing to do. 

You should be quick in doing this in order to prove to your partner that you were prepared for the date.

2. Go back home

It is not automatic that your partner will show up when you invite him or her for a date.

When it happens that he or she doesn't show up, you should keep calm and go back home. 

This way, you will have saved yourself from wasting your precious time and money.

3. Always carry extra cash

When going on a date, you never know how much you are going to spend.

Even when you have a budget, it is always good to carry some extra cash for emergency purposes.