Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe is mentally fit to stand trial, psychiatrist in charge of her medical assessment has said.

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And following the latest development, her lawyer Katwa Kigen said, she will stand trial as planned on Monday.

Justice Jessie Lessit had ordered that Maribe take medical assessment before trial even in the midst of pressure from Kigen to allow her take plea early this week.

In law, people accused of murder are required to undergo medical assessment to ascertain their mental stability before going for trial.

And on Monday, Ms. Maribe along with her fiance are expected to take plea over the death of Monica Kimani last month.

In her statements, Maribe has denied being part of the murder plot with the father, Mwangi Maribe insisting that his daughter 'is guilty of love and not murder'.

Prosecutors maintain that Irungu was at murder scene and his fiance, Ms. Maribe, worked closely with him to conceal evidence.

On Thursday, a court in Kiambu set Mr. Brian Kassaine free after he convinced prospectors to be state witness in the case.