An air hostess found herself in trouble with her husband on Monday morning at Kenyaree in Kisumu following reports that she had been hugging and expressing herself romantically before flight customers on Sunday.

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The husband who works at the Kisumu Law Courts is said to have planted surveillance at the airport to check on the wife’s behaviour. 

He accused the wife of having a romantic relationship with co-workers at the airport besides being seen flattering with flight customers.

The argument of the two led into a fight with the husband throwing her wife’s belongings out of the house, ordering her to leave.

“I looked for the job only for you to kiss other men. You forget that we have a home. I know what happens there,” said the husband in a bad temper.

Responding to the claims, the air hostess blamed her husband for embarrassing and denting her name and reputation in the whole estate saying she couldn’t believe what had happened.

“I can’t believe that you, of all people I know, can say such a thing. I have seen a lot of men in my life and I chose you. Whoever is telling you all this has achieved,” she said.

According to the neighbours, the two frequently battles out with arguments in their marriage filled with trust issues.

Women who work in interactive places such as restaurants and airports have faced challenges of overcoming male customers who sometimes ask for favours that are beyond their limits. 

While they need to keep a good relationship with customers, they need to be aware of the temptations.