Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa Katana risks sinking politically. Jumwa has established herself as the lioness of coastal politics. Her political star started shinning nationally after she clinched the Kilifi Woman Representative post in 2013. 

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She went on to book a slot in parliament as Malindi MP in 2017. However, her cozy relationship with Deputy President William Ruto can end her seemingly bright political future. She should do the following to reclaim her status in coastal politics.

1. Offer a public apology and denounce her association with DP Ruto

The main source of Aisha Jumwa troubles with Orange Democratic Movement is her association with DP William Ruto. The first step she has to take is to publicly denounce her support for the DP’s 2022 presidential bid. Despite the fact that such a decision violets her democratic rights, she will have to do it or join several ODM rebels in the political desert. Jumwa should add to the denouncement, a public apology to Raila Odinga for supporting a potential 2022 competitor.

2. Meet Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga is ODM. He can break it if he wishes or fights to make it the longest-serving post-independence political party. This fact makes him the first person Jumwa should meet to beg for forgiveness in person. 

Her political friend Suleiman Dori understands the role of Raila Odinga in the NEC decision and he never wasted time to meet his party boss. Aisha has to make sure that she meets Odinga in an organised meeting and make sure that ODM supporters in her constituency are aware of the meeting. The unplanned meeting at Parliament Buildings should not confuse her because Odinga is a master of public manipulation.

3. Keep Joho close

Hassan Joho is not only ODM’s deputy party leader but also a respected financier and a reliable campaigner. This makes him a vital regional political icon with a huge following at the coast. Failing to keep Joho close is dangerous because if he decides to campaign against her, she is more likely to be voted out.