There was drama in Manga, Nyamira County on Tuesday evening after two secondary school students were caught enjoying the forbidden fruit. 

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It is alleged that the male student, Edwin Nyakundi, a form 3 student invited Emmah Kemunto also a form 3 to his hut to pick revision materials only to end up in bed. 

Area chief Jeremiah Ogendi said the girl's mother, Philomena Bosibori waited Kemunto to return in vain.

"Bosibori released her daughter to go and pick the revision materials but, she took long to return prompting her to go and check on her. She caught the hut locked from inside and sexy sound was emanating from the house," said Ogendi.

Ogendi said immediately Bosibori raised alarm to attract other neighbors. 

"Neighbors stormed the compound and forced them to open the door in vain. Locals broke the window only to find the lovebirds naked," he said.

The chief said the two were given a thorough beating before the girl was released to go with her mother. 

"Parents must be vigilant to ensure their children don't engage in illicit sex especially during this long December Holiday," he added.