The seduction and dating techniques have changed over the years.

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Ladies and young men are now dating and even "making love" online. Even though this is a way of keeping your partner closer especially for those in long distance relationships, you should avoid sex chatting.

Sex chatting involves sharing nude photos and videos with your partner. This not only lowers your dignity as a man or a lady but it also puts you on a threat of being cyberbullied. 

After break up, your ex might take that as an advantage and post your nudes online.

Additionally, sex chatting is addictive and according to mental health expert Benjamin Fry, engaging in the act gets you addicted by spiking your stress levels making you repeat the experiences you always have during the process.

Another effect of sex chatting is that it encourages infidelity among partners. After getting addicted, men would like to see more nudes from different ladies. 

If a lady is not willing to sex chat, he will definitely find someone else.

During the process of sex chatting, the partners get sexually aroused and since they cannot meet to fulfill their sexual desire, they might consider masturbation. 

Masturbation has its fair share of side effects such as reduced sperm count for men.

Sex chatting also kills the better parts of relationships that involve which could require the partners to meet one-on-one.